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10 Unique Couple Things To Try In Town To Spice Up Your Boring Dating Life

Getting too used to the same old routine? Try these unique bonding activities.

It's the weekend. Once again you and your sweetie sit down on the sofa to #brainstorm about what to do today. When your brain is fried due to a busy work week, it's easy to just sink into your comfy seat and not want to get up again until absolutely necessary. If you've been couch potatoes every weekend for a few weeks or even months now, perhaps it's time to give that #badhabit a full stop. After all, mental and physical bonding is important for #maintaining a healthy, #productive relationship. So why not try something new this week? Here is a list of unique couple activities you and your partner can do in town together that potentially help #spiceup your relationship.

Activity #1 - Book an escape game

My husband and I love escape games. We used to go all over town to take part in them. If you are a #firsttime player, you may find the game settings intimidating. The good thing is, a lot of the places that host them allow #privategroup bookings, which means you and your sweetie can play a game without having to involve other people. This will help you relax about the petrifying idea of possibly #embarrassing yourself in front of others you don't know, and also give you time to bond with one another by working together to solve a murder case/urban mystery (that's always fun!).

Activity #2 - Take a cooking/baking class

Creating food together is another great way to bond with your loved ones. Rest assured that you don't have to be chef material in order to learn to cook/bake. As long as you are up for it, anyone can #participate. There are many #livecooking classes out there ranging from making authentic Italian #lasagna to exploring a different culture of cuisine every week. All you need to do is get your butt online and sign up. Since Covid hit, lots of places now offer online cooking classes with chefs you've seen on TV shows (including the #contestants on the Great British Baking Show). Those are always fun to take part in. Plus you get to eat the food you make! Not having to think about what to eat for lunch today is one less thing you need to worry about.

Activity #3 - Book a couples spa

If you are the kind of people who crave a relaxing time all the livelong day, couples spas are great for just that. You don't have to worry about #prepping anything, because when it comes to spas, you just need to #showup! Booking is easy too as long as you are up for it. To some people, it may feel a little strange to be touched by someone other than yourself or your sweetie, but that feeling will pass, trust me. And then you are left with the glorious #sensation of feeling totally #refreshed. When your heart feels #atpeace, you generally are in a better mood. During the cucumber facial you may just close your eyes and tell each other about your work day and then leave that all behind. Finally, you can focus on reminiscing about the good-old times when you first fell in love with each other. That's always a fond memory.

Activity #4 - See a movie at a drive-in theater

Going out to see a movie at the movie theater is fun... in the olden times anyway. Now we are taking the old old and turning it into a new trend — drive-in theaters are making a #comeback from the 50s and 60s. It comes as #nosurprise to me, I mean things are usually more fun when you can do them #outdoors, even if it's just staring at a huge screen among a large gathering crowd in their own vehicles. Plus it's not really about the movie. Ultimately it's the experience that counts. So if you are feeling free, this activity is easy to commit to. Just hop into your car and go.

Activity #5 - Take part in indoor skydiving

Okay, this activity can sound totally out of your comfort zone, but just hear me out. Skydiving may seem crazy to go through especially when you are not that #adventurous to begin with. BUT, it's indoors! That means it comes with protective bars and safety walls so you won't accidentally fly out of bounds or land poorly, and a #professional coach who is there to ease your nerves and guide you though it every step of the way. So come on! Suddenly indoor skydiving doesn't sound so scary anymore, right? You never know what you will learn about one another when you are put into a #uniquesetting like this. It can bring out the wild side in you which you may never know existed.

Activity #6 - Visit local art fairs and holiday markets

I absolutely love going to art fairs in the summer and then in winter, holiday markets, where Christmas trees are all decorated with sparkling lights and beautiful, #exotic ornaments are for sale. Since it's close to the holidays, if you've never been to one of these, you really should. Depending on the locations and sponsors, some markets even have Christmas carolers singing songs while you enjoy a cup of holiday nog or apple cider. You can even take pictures with the local #Santa and play corn hole like you are a kid all over again. So if you are feeling like hanging out, this #changeofscenery will do you some good. If you live in a place that snows like Minnesota, It would be like going out on a date in a winter wonderland, which is always a #magicalplace to be with your sweetie.

"You don't have to worry about prepping anything, because when it comes to spas, you just need to show up!"

Activity #7 - Hang out at an arcade

If you are dating a big "kid", this would be an interesting activity to share together. Even if you aren't good at playing games, this is still a great opportunity for you to explore your sweetie's #innerchild when they decide to come out and play with you. When a gamer is in their element, their eyes grow big like #saucers (much like a kid at a candy store). They hop on different games and talk confidently, which can come #unexpectedly for you especially if they are a much more reserved person before they step into the #arcade. In any case, this is a good place for you to bond over something fun together. So be #accepting and just enjoy each other's company. Bonus points if you earn enough tickets to exchange for a #reward!

Activity #8 - Sing karaoke

You don't have to be a natural-born singer to enjoy singing. That's why a karaoke place is a great spot to just hang and #chill. You can sing a duet together or scream it like #Aggretsuko if you like. The good news is, no one is here to judge you. It's all about letting loose and accepting each other's #flaws. There are many #karaoke bars in town, but the catch with these #entertainment places is, they are mostly open only at night. So if you are looking for one that's open during the day — they do exist — it may be harder to find.

Activity #9 - Attend a comedy show

If you are looking for a great laugh, a #comedyshow is a good place to be. You order some drinks and then sit down at a table with your sweetie, pretty soon you will be entertained by a funny host and a professional #comedian wanting to make it a good night for you. This activity does not require much of your own effort besides taking that #bigleap to book it.

"Be accepting and just enjoy each other's company."

Activity #10 - Go dark dining

This is probably one of the most #sensual activities you can try outside of the bedroom with your sweetie. Dining in the dark is a unique tasting experience that lets you feel what it's like to not be able to see. It may sound #scary and unfamiliar at first, but once you are down for the plan, you won't regret it. I mean who can turn away good food, good company, and a good #escapade all put together into one event? You can finger-feed one another, play the food guessing game etc. If you feel uncomfortable any time during the experience, you can always untie your #blindfold and just enjoy it like it's a date night that should have happened more often.

Final thoughts

You and your sweetie may not be interested in all of the activities listed above, but even picking one or two to try now is a good start of something exciting for you to do as a couple. As long as you keep an open mind, your relationship will never get boring.


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