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10 Unique New Year's Resolutions To Achieve As A Couple

If we do them together, we can conquer anything.

New Year is just around the corner. As you sum up what a great (or not so great) year you've had, you want to look forward to a brighter, better 2023. And to do just that, the ancient Babylonians would make New Year's resolutions, which eventually becomes a popular tradition in many cultures. While it's fun to come up with things you want to achieve next year, it would be great to actually stick to them (or even just one) for once. One way that helps is to do them as a couple. Here are 10 unique New Year's resolutions you can achieve together if you put your hearts into them.

Resolution #1 - Spend more time outdoors

The impact of covid is finally subsiding. It's nice to see each other's face again. While some of you might not like the change (I love being a hermit so just let me be!), it's always good for a person's mental health to be out and about even if only for a short while in a day. So make a promise to yourself and your sweetie, tell them, "Let's spend more time outside." You want to hear the birds chirp early in the morning and see the stars up in the sky at night again (doesn't everyone?). Plan a camping or fishing trip with your partner, go hiking with them or even just take a walk down to your favorite shops together, any idea you have to keep you outdoors longer is good for you.

Resolution #2 - Travel more

You know how you always have plans to travel to Europe but you never go? If you still have that list of countries you want to visit before you turn 30 (or 40, 50, 60... whichever), dig it out now from where you've long buried it. 2023 will be a good year and with countries welcoming visitors once again, you can't find better timing to take that difficult first step. Now, organizing a trip (especially if you plan on visiting more than one country) will require elaborate planning, unless you are one of those super spontaneous folks then you can go as soon as New Year hits! The good thing is you have each other to rely on: you can do the research while your sweetie does the booking etc. It's more exciting than you think to sit down and plan this journey of your lifetime together, given that your wallet allows it of course.

Resolution #3 - Quit a bad habit

Your sweetie has always complained about your smoking while you haven't liked their binge eating either. Maybe it's time for a REAL change? As long as you are both willing, you can quit any bad habit you want. It's not going to be easy however (it never is), that's why you have to look out for each other. Of course this quitting thing is not limited to smoking and overeating, but you get the idea. First you need to give the other person permission to call you out when you've stepped out of line (so you don't end up arguing with one another every step of the way). Once you've done that, you have to listen to each other and always keep in mind that the other person has your best interest at heart.

Resolution #4 - Make home-cooked meals

It's easy to just order out when you have a busy schedule. We've all been through that. Occasionally you remember how your parents used to prepare you dinner every night despite how hectic their life was, and you think to yourself, why can't you do that with your partner? The thing is, you can! It's not as hard to make home-cooked suppers as you think. The only thing you are lacking is determination. If making dinner every night is too much to begin, plan on doing that twice a week, at least just in the beginning. Every little progress is a success in itself. While you prep the food, your sweetie can set the table; or better yet. you guys can cook together.

Resolution #5 - Work out for an hour at least 3 times a week

With a busy life, especially when you have a 9 to 5 job, all you want to do after work is rest. You miss your couch long before you drive home. While unwinding is recommended, so is excising. You simply can't expect to stay fit if you never plan on moving your body around. So promise each other to work out at least 3 times a week. You might think it's impossible but nothing truly is, the major issue here is most likely your motivation. Once you get that solved out, set an alarm to remind yourself, and if one isn't enough, set 2. It's a lot easier when you have a partner to do this together, and luckily you do, so use that to your advantage.

Resolution #6 - No more junk food

Junk food makes the best of us happy... at least for a while, but then the tears come when you realize you've completely bombed your health plan. Even though your heart knows there's absolutely no nutrition in those cookies and candies (hey, what about fruit gummies!?), it wants what it wants. BUT, perhaps it's time to have a change of heart. Yes! You and your sweetie both. How about some real veggies? They fill you up and they are nutritious. If you give them a nice grill or light fry, you might have just found the best snacks ever. So promise yourself to choose health first this coming year: get rid of that junk food and never get them again!

"As long as you are both willing, you can quit any bad habits you want."

Resolution #7 - Say "I love you" to each other every day

Ever since covid hit, everything in the news seems to contain a negative notion. Sometimes it feels as though the only good thing you have is your partner. Even if that's not totally true, they care about you and they cheer you up when you are down. So it might be a good idea to make it a habit to exchange some verbal appreciation for one another if you aren't doing this already. A simple "I love you" is all it takes. Some of you might find that excessive or unnecessary (if I don't like you, why am I still with you right?), but you can't deny that it's nice to hear it from your loved one, especially on a rough day. Every so often when you say it at the right time it might even enhance your relationship. So plan on saying that to each other at least once a day.

Resolution #8 - Try something new (out of your comfort zone)

Have you ever been zip-lining? Or maybe mountain climbing? It doesn't matter how much life experience you have, there's always something you've never done before. So for New Year's sake, make sure you do something totally out of your norm. It can even be as little as walking up to someone and telling them they are doing a good job. It might seem so outlandish right now, but that's the point. In doing something new, you become more confident in yourself and knowledgeable about the things happening around you. You will get a sense of accomplishment (so will achieving any of the mentioned resolutions) that you rarely feel, and going through it with your partner is ever so exciting and fulfilling.

Resolution #9 - Read books

Reading isn't for everyone, but it's a great way to train your patience. You never know, you might actually enjoy it more than you think. If your partner is into it, it's definitely more fun to read the same book together (at different times counts too), so that after you finish, you get to discuss it with someone. So set a small goal at first, such as reading and finishing a book within the next year. When you get more comfortable (you could be a fast reader), you can alter your goal to, say, 4 books in a year. If you are one of those people who buy books but never read them, this will a good year to start going through those pages.

"You simply can't expect to stay fit if you never plan on moving your body around. So promise each other to work out at least 3 times a week."

Resolution #10 - Volunteer

You have a good heart and always want to help out but are either too tired after work or too busy doing other things to actually roll up your sleeves and help. It's time to let go of all those inner excuses. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities around in you community, I'm sure, that you can participate in at your own time. So grab your sweetie and make a promise to each other. It's easier to give than you think.

Final thoughts

You and your sweetie are each other's best encouragement. A friendly reminder or two should be appreciated. Sometimes it helps when you set milestones related to your goals, so you don't feel too overwhelmed and end up quitting. It's okay to miss the mark occasionally especially when you are starting out, make sure to get back on track when you can then you are doing just fine.

What is your New Year's resolution? How do you plan on achieving it? Share your ideas, tips and thoughts in the comments below.


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