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Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

With great views, shops, and desserts, the Peak is hard to beat.

I have been to Hong Kong several times as that is where my wife, Julie, is from. One of our favorite places to visit while we are there is Victoria Peak located in Central on Hong Kong Island. If you come in from the MTR take exit J2 and it is about a ten minute walk from there to the Peak Tram Central Terminus. Today, the Peak attracts some seven million visitors a year (maybe a lot less during this covid time), making it one of Hong Kong's top tourist destinations. So bring your significant other and put on a comfortable pair of shoes because Victoria Peak is a great place to spend a day together.

View from Victoria Peak overseeing Hong Kong.

One of the coolest things about the peak is how you get up there, the tram. First built in 1888 to make it easier to reach the top and the hotel that resides there, previously residents and guests were carried up and down in sedan chairs. On the way up, at the steepest part, you are tilted back by 25.7° which is pretty fun. Make sure to snap some cool photos as you ascend because you get unique viewing angles of Central and Victoria Harbor. If you go at a busy time it can be standing room only, in those cases make sure to hold on to your sweetie tightly and utilize the specially designed wavy floor for extra balance.

Once you arrive at the top you are now in The Peak Tower building and to exit you (conveniently?) walk thru a gift shop. Browse around for some tchotchkes, knickknacks and whatnots but don’t spend all your money here as there are plenty more shops to explore together. The Peak Galleria building is loaded with shop after shop and is just a short walk through the Peak Road Garden right outside of The Peak Tower. Make sure to check out Wooderful life for really cute wooden decorations and figures, and Tiny which makes miniature scale cities and vehicles. Either one should have something unique you could gift to your sweetie as a commemorative item.

Inside Madame Tussauds with artist Yayoi Kusama (wax version of her anyway).

If you need some fresh air or maybe some inspiration, head up to The Peak Tower Sky Terrace 428 which gives you a full 360° viewing deck. It’s called that because it is 428 meters above sea level, hope you’re not too afraid of heights! It does cost money to go so if you spent everything you had shopping then you can still get great views on the free observation deck of the Peak Galleria. I actually prefer this area to the Sky Terrace as it is a lot less touristy but still has a great view of between Mt. High West and Mt. Kellett looking out to Sandy Bay and Telegraph Bay, check it out. This is our special, secret spot where we always go to reconnect and relax for a moment.

Something fun and different to do together while on the peak is visit Madame Tussauds wax museum in The Peak Tower. We’ve gone a few times and since they add new celebrities over the years, each time was a little different. Some of the celebrities are better done than others and since this is in Hong Kong many are Asian actors or singers and I have no idea who they are, Julie does though.

Tasty shave ice dessert.

After all that walking and shopping I'm sure you are both hungry for a snack, if not a meal. Between The Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria there are so many places to choose from. Most of the time we only buy snacks on the Peak of which something I find special is the gelato. Gino’s Gelato in The Peak Tower is easily accessed from the Peak Road Garden but it is quite expensive, the secret trick is the Peak Galleria also has gelato at Stecco Natura Gelaterie but it is much more reasonably priced. There also used to be an excellent crêpe shop but sadly that has closed down.

So if you are ever planning a trip to Hong Kong, make sure to visit Victoria Peak and especially one of the rooftops for their amazing views.

A Few Tips:

  • Bring a camera. The views from the tram and both rooftops are breathtaking and the wax museum has a lot of fun selfie spots.

  • Set a budget. With so many cool shops it is easy to go overboard on your spending.

  • Shop around before you buy. Everything in The Peak Tower seems to be more expensive so if you found a souvenir you like there, check out the Peak Galleria also to see if they have it cheaper.

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Have you been to Victoria Peak? Share your comments with us below.


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