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Iceland: Þúfa

Afraid of heights? It's still worth climbing to the top.

When my husband and I were in Iceland, we sticked close to their capital city Reykjavik. We rented an apartment unit at a convenient location near a few good places to eat and the #towncenter. On one not-too-busy day we decided to check out what's further around us, and it didn't take long for us to find #Þúfa (th-oo-fha), which was actually visible to our eyes as we looked out the big window from our place.

Þúfa is a great place to stop and take a rest. A beautiful grass dome that is both lovely and unique.

As we came closer to this big dome by the ocean, we realized it was one giant grass hill of a decent height, surrounded by a narrow path on its outer perimeter that would lead us all the way to its top. Sam was excited to climb up but not everyone felt that way: not when I was afraid of heights. It did not matter the weather was good despite the wind, when you were afraid, you were afraid! In the very end however, he managed to convince me to give it a go. So I did.

It was my second attempt before I actually made it all the way to the top, but at what price I thought. I swear I had a little taste of an out-of-body experience doing it. Then again, if I didn't go along with his plan, I would have left regretting. Because the view from up there was nothing short of spectacular. Together, we investigated the #mysterious little wooden shed nearby that stood against the test of wind, rain, and snow. We peeped in and found some dry fish hanging in there.

Dry fish inside the little shed.

According to the creator, Þúfa is a place for inner peace and meditation. I definitely felt all of that while I was there, besides the mini scare that I experienced anyway. We stopped for a moment to take a few deep breaths, to think back on our busy life back home, to realize it was important to take a break. We looked out into the #gorgeousview and took in all its natural beauty that was Iceland all the while thinking: I'm going to miss all these mountains with their snowy tips!

A Few Tips:

  • You might want to think twice before climbing up to the top especially when it's windy.

  • Don't run! There are no railings at all so it's possible you could fall while heading up!

  • A warm jacket is a must on winter days.

  • Don't forget your camera, it's a good spot for some nice photos.

Have you been to the Þúfa? Share your comments with us.


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