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Iceland: The 5 Million Star Hotel (Buubble)

Dark, cold and loud. But we don't regret it.

Two years ago my husband and I went on a trip to Iceland. It was our first trip back to Europe since many years ago when we were just dating. Thinking about those days still makes me giggle. There were many happy, exciting moments that we shared, which was what prompted us to plan this trip in the first place.

Buubble is located at a very quiet and secluded spot on an open farm land, perfect for couples looking to enjoy a memorable experience in their own privacy.

Perhaps one of the best memories of our entire trip was the first sight of our Buubble. It was a hotel room in the wilderness — a big plastic dome encapsulating a bed, surrounded by snow-covered trees. We had to climb a long way up a poorly plowed stairs without railings, in winter, in the dark, and through a mystic forest to finally arrive at it — our accommodation for the night. The sun was setting. The scenery was nothing short of breathtaking. This place was a beauty in silence, when there was light so we could see it of course.

The surroundings were oh so quiet — I can’t stress that enough — and oh so cold outside of our Buubble (even on the inside it wasn’t warm enough with the heater on full blast). We were too tired and cold to stay up for too much longer after a long day sightseeing. So we headed to the service shower for a quick rinse and came back.

The sunset.

Into our bed we hopped and we lied under our warm comforter still in our thick layers of clothes. We looked up at the sky, chatting about our trip thus far. Stars shone bright, but the northern lights were too shy to dance for us that night. Everything was perfect, except maybe for Sam, since the heater was behind on his side of the bed, he found it difficult to fall asleep, and that every time the wind blew it knocked snow off the trees and onto our Buubble making the loudest sound that kept waking him up in the night. Still, we both think it was all worth it in the end. It was the experience and memory that we made together that mattered.

A Few Tips:

  • Bring WARM jackets if you are going in the winter months.

  • Comfy thermal pants and wool socks are welcome additions as well.

  • If you’re the kind of person who needs their room to be quiet to sleep, don’t forget earplugs.

  • Probably should leave the children at home, unless they are used to living in the wild and in the cold!

Location reference:

Have you been to the Buubble? Share your comments with us.


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