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Iceland: Tjörnin

When the lake freezes, you know it's cold outside.

So, we were in Iceland's capital city Reykjavik during the winter at the start of covid. The city was quite empty then, I could imagine the streets being a lot busier and filled with tourists typically. While the Icelanders were in #quarantine at home, we sightsaw around the city like two #freespirits. We found the extra space a #privilege as we were able to take some amazing photos without having to worry about getting unintentionally photobombed.

Lake Tjörnin in winter freezes into a giant sheet of ice.

We came to the City Hall in the late afternoon. Some fun-loving children were tossing bread at the geese which incidentally caused a feeding frenzy. While we were amongst #swans, geese and ducks, we got to witness the sun setting over the beloved Tjörnin. Tjörnin is a small lake where most #visitors to the city pass along its shore. On a #winterday like today, the lake was basically a giant sheet of ice. We took extra caution walking from one side to the other, all the while admiring the beautiful and unique buildings in the backdrop (Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík being one of them).

As the sun slowly disappeared from the horizon, we held hands and sat down on a bench to take a rest before moving on to pick up some dinner. One place we found nearby that sold perhaps the best hotdogs we've ever had was an outdoor little stand. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, it's called, meaning “the best hotdog in town”. If you search on the Internet you will see even president Clinton had to stop by to have a taste at one point while he was in Iceland. These famous Icelandic #hotdogs are made mainly with lamb and topped with mayo, mustard, raw and fried onions. We ate here many, many times throughout our trip.

The famous Icelandic hotdogs.

It's not every day you get to pretend to be an Icelander, and I was fully absorbed in doing so. The city was great, and because we are from Minnesota, the winter there did not scare us like it might for other #travelers. In fact, we liked the city so much, we even imagined us moving and living there, which really wouldn't be a bad idea.

A Few Tips:

  • Visit Tjörnin at sunset. It's a breathtaking view to behold.

  • Try their famous hotdog at least once. You won't regret it.

  • Book a hotel nearby the City Hall so everything is just a walking distance away.

  • Bring warm jackets if you go there in winter.

Have you been around lake Tjörnin? Share your comments with us.


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