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Saturday Book Pick: Fast and Wild by Kat Ransom

Does age really matter?

I love F1! I can understand why not many people watch it (at least not so many of my friends and acquaintances), as it can be quite boring at times. But once you get the taste, you become addicted. When I discovered Kat Ransom’s books, I was sold from their blurb. I am going to talk about the last book in the series, not because the others are not as great, but because I wanted to reread it… the third time. Yes, it’s one of those books.

Book Description

Mila is a #workaholic. She lives through her work. Her best friends are at work, her entire life revolves around F1 and F1 life. Her past stays right where it’s supposed to, but its scars are so deep she has no way of ever #escaping them. Brodie gives her one night full of passion that’s supposed to be a one time thing. But the kid (because he is too young for her) does not give up. They have a lot to figure out, they have obstacles they need to overcome and they have a past they need to own. Ok, if the #agegap is not your cup of tea, no worries, it’s not that big. If F1 is also not your thing (it will be after this book), that is ok as well. There is much more to it than that.

My Thoughts

The romance is great, the passion between the main characters burns the pages. But what I also loved was the way each character changes to meet the other’s expectations. Mila and Brodie couldn’t be more different. She comes from a crazy rich world and prefers the noise of the city. He wants a quiet life with a decent earning. He drives with his heart for a man that gave him a future, not for the money. The question is: is their relationship enough to fight for a common ground? This is a book about compromise, about how a relationship can change the two characters. Brodie may be younger, but he is mature enough to not be taken for granted. Mila is smart, strong and just amazing at her job. There are a lot of scenes so well developed and so well thought out. My wish now is that one day we will have the audio version of this book available, so I can peacefully cry (tears of love and emotion) when I listen to the story.

Favorite Quote

Words can be ghosts, too.

I have so many quotes marked, but somehow this one stuck. I always say that scars heal, but words remain engraved in our minds and soul. And they can haunt us, just like ghosts. The truth in this line is painful, yet somewhat revealing. At least myself, I’ve yet to admit that even the words I’ve said to those I care about still haunt me.


Guys, I have so much more to say about today’s book pick. I have so many scenes I would love to talk to you about. Kat Ransom is awesome. The entire series is fantastic, but Fast and Wild is one of those books that you will want to keep as a treasure, to reread over and over again. Mila and Brodie are like a tornado to each other and like a hurricane for my soul. Hurry up and read it and let me know your thoughts.

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  • Fast & Wild by Kat Ransom

  • Release Date: April 24, 2020

  • ISBN: 9798629671596

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

I have two main topics: how do you feel about age gaps in a relationship? People say that women are more mature than men. It seems it’s also genetic. I’d say it depends on how ready we are to commit.

Second topic: compromise. What is the biggest compromise you have done in a relationship? Or how do you feel about #compromise? Is it appropriate? I’d say it depends on a lot of factors BUT once a compromise is reached, it has to stay that way. I have many copepods around me who still argue about the same thing all over again, the same thing that they “overcame” …or not.

Let me know what you think about today’s topics and as usual, until next time, love a lot!


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I've been a book blogger since 2016. Books have helped me escape my stressful job, keep a positive mind and nurtured my soul. While I mostly read Romance, I also like the Young Adult and Fantasy genres. Every chapter deserves praise and every book should be appreciated.


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