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Saturday Book Pick: In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Aren’t we all these days in a “holidaze”?

Give me a holiday romance that is loud, with family and friends, with traditions and... a twist, and I will be eternally grateful. So, thank you, my dear author.

Book Description

Maelyn Jones has always enjoyed spending time with her family and friends over the holidays: same loving people, same activities, food, familiar places. All seems to fall apart when the family owning the cabin where she’s spent most of her family moments decides to sell it. In a moment of internal anguish, she asks the universe to show her the way to happiness. That’s how she ends up in a time loop of sorts. She now relives the days before Christmas, until she manages to find the right course of action.

My Thoughts

This was so beautiful. If you’re looking for a book to read during the holiday season, this is one you can try. There are a lot of layers to it, some deeper than others, but I’ll start with the romance. Mae has had a crush on her best friends for years now. It is her little secret. She and Andrew have been close since childhood and not once did he show any romantic interest in her. So why risk it? Well, now the universe wants our Mae to act and state her feelings. We see them discovering a new side of their emotions and dealing with the fact that they are no longer little kids. There is also Andrew’s brother, who apparently has a crush on Mae as well and they must deal with his feelings also. It’s a funny and confusing situation (in a good way).

There is a vast cast of characters here. I won’t bore you with names, but I will tell you a bit about their types. We have a divorced couple Mae’s parents. She looks forward to spending time with both her parents, longs for feeling like a family again. We have the solid couple Andrew’s parents that seems to be keeping everybody together with their traditions and... their property (classic grownups, not asking for help from their children when needed). There is even a fifty-year-old bachelor, who still lives his life to the fullest. You have something to learn from every character. Put all of them in a room and chaos starts (the good and funny kind).

Last but not least, we have the cabin and when I say “cabin”, I mean that special place where we all meet to spend some quality time with family and friends. It represents more than just a place. It’s a bank of memories for everyone. It comes with its own set of traditions that at some point become rules, or things we expect to happen because we do them every time. Our characters forgot to have fun, in their resolution to stick to traditions. They forgot that the most important thing is that they are together again.

Favorite Quote

Most of the quotes I selected from this book are about having the courage to speak your mind, following your desires. I’ve identified myself with Mae, as I too am scared of making decisions:

"I’ve spent years not trusting my ability to make decisions and quietly letting life just happen to me. It can’t be a coincidence that the moment I stopped being passive and followed my instincts, everything seemed to fall into place. I know what makes me happy—trusting myself. What a gift, right? I found happiness."

Having the confidence to step on a path, following it to the end and knowing for sure this is it, is indeed the way to happiness. If we are not happy with who we are, or where we’re heading, it’s up to us to change it. We don’t need a time loop, we just need to set the things in the right motion. Who says it’s easy? But the feeling of true accomplishment is worth the struggle.


This book was a delight to read. It has a beautiful romance, it has a beautiful group of friends and it has that Christmas spirit I’ve been looking for in a book. There is meaning in everything and, as usual, Christina Lauren managed to deliver it in a delightful way. I’d say give it a try!

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  • In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

  • Release Date: October 6, 2020

  • ISBN: 9781982123949

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

Holiday plans! Tell us all about them! Do you have a special place where you spend them? Do you prefer being with family or out and about, partying? Gifts: wrapped or unwrapped? Food: hot, cold, made at home or ordered? From the Book Pick column, I wish you all Happy Holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else, or nothing at all, just be happy! Do you know Rudolf, the Red Nose Reindeer? Go listen to the song. Something fabulous will come out of any undesired situation. That’s what magic is all about. This time of the year is magical.

Until next time, love a lot!


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