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Tuesday Book Pick: Heartless by Elsie Silver

A second chance at love and family.

Happy New Year fellow Melons! I hope you’ve started 2023 in the most amazing way. If not, I have great news for you: the year has just started! There are a lot more days to come and it’s up to us to make them fabulous! It’s already 3 days into the new year and I’m already starting my 3rd book. The first recommendation of 2023 is an awesome love story that involves a grumpy father, a lovely six year old and a firecracker nanny!

Book Description

Cade has had only one focus in his life for the last 6 years: his son. He lives and breathes for his kid and nothing will stand in the way of his happiness. Still, the ranch could use more of his attention this summer, but looking for a nanny proves to be a challenge. To his relief, Willa enters to save the day. She’s his sister-in-law’s best friend and suffices to say she made an interesting first impression on him. She seems to be handling Luke very well so far. Now what Cade needs to do is to make sure he keeps his attraction in check for the next two months. He doesn’t need another disaster, especially with Luke in the picture.

My Thoughts

This book has a few of the romance tropes linked together in a beautiful way. We have a small town romance with a rancher who is a grumpy single father. She lives a carefree life, but in search of a purpose. What’s the link that brings all this together? Luke — the six year old.

Cade Eaton lives a lonely life, doing everything for his child. If a mistake brought him and his ex-wife together, the result of that mistake was a perfect boy who is his and his family’s treasure. He put his personal life on hold for him. No, he eliminated his personal life for his boy, making sure he fills the role of mother and father. We learn later in the book how carrying Cade has been for all his family and how life made him a bit heartless.

Willa is still looking for a purpose, or a place to settle. At twenty-something, she still has a lot to discover in life. She is apparently confident, strong and not willing to put up with Cade’s bad mood. Throughout the book, she somehow manages to peel away all his layers and make him smile again. Her interactions with Luke are so sweet. They do crazy things together and you know what? That’s all right. Kids need crazy (under an adult’s supervision) sometimes.

That brings me to a sensitive topic: a child’s education. There are references to bullying and a nanny taking a not-so-mature action. There is a sense of freedom that she gives Luke, with how she lets him decide all the crazy things they’ll do in a day. Some of us may argue how wrong this is, some of us may say this is refreshing and some of us may overlook this aspect. Well, whatever side you choose to pick, think about your own childhood first and then judge.

Favorite Quote

"Red, you’re nuts. But I like that about you. You’re like a goddamn hurricane."

This line here describes how Willa turned Cade’s life around. She is one low storm that entered his home, changed the so-called balance he thought he had and erased the grumpiness and sorrow. For a second, it all felt like a mess, until they both rebuilt their confidence, their world and a beautiful family.


I’ve discovered Elsie Silver just recently. I’m 100% sure you’ll see me recommending more of her stories. Heartless is book 2 in the Chestnut Springs series and book 3 will come out sometime this year. I cannot wait to discover the next couple. I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I loved everything about this book. Please give it a try and let us know in the comments your thoughts.

  • Heartless by Elsie Silver

  • Release Date: October 14, 2022

  • ISBN: 9798354029266

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

There are two topics that come to mind after reading this book.

The first one is age gaps. How much of a difference is appropriate in your opinion? Does love have an age? Our personalities change through time. We love in one way at 17, in a different way at 22 and then again at 35. I’ve been through those stages and, regardless of my age, I enjoyed the emotions and explored them in a different way each time.

Second topic: single parent. I know it’s a bit more work, I know it’s a more delicate situation. How do you see the entire dating part when a child is involved? Should it be fun or serious? Or both? How is it different between a single father and a single mother?

Can’t wait to hear your opinion below and until next time, as usual, love a lot!


Anca Ilcu

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I've been a book blogger since 2016. Books have helped me escape my stressful job, keep a positive mind and nurtured my soul. While I mostly read Romance, I also like the Young Adult and Fantasy genres. Every chapter deserves praise and every book should be appreciated.


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