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Tuesday Book Pick: Hunter by Eden Summers

In other words: how love can be found even in the grey areas (or darkest corners)

The “Hunting Her” series by Eden Summers is fantastic. The last book in the series was published in January 2021 and we have a spin-off series “Hunting Duet”, with book 2 out this March (still need to read these). The series focuses on a group of guys on the wrong side of the law. The author did not picture them as heroes, but as men who keep their word, follow a strict set of rules, and do everything for the family and their loved ones. Bad guys have principles as well.

Book Description

Our female main character is looking for vengeance. He is looking for something else. Little do they expect for their paths to be connected not only by the attraction burning between them, but as well by their own quests. They end up following the same leads, just to draw the same conclusion for different purposes. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the plot and the characters but mark my words: Hunter is just the tip of the iceberg that is Hunting Her.

My Thoughts

I was hooked! The first thing that you notice when starting this book is the writing, the world building. The first chapters are told alternating between his and her point of view (titled “Him” and “Her”). I loved this, it builds up our curiosity. The plot increases in tension apparently slow, just to explode with action later.

The author created two strong characters, both with flaws. He is dangerous, dark, strong and demands respect. But she is equally challenging. I would say each has met his match. The attraction is there and keeps on going. He is the symbol of strength, real strength that she so desperately needs and she is the mystery that frustrates him. There is a connection between them, not only physical and emotional, but also when it comes to the case they are trying to solve. This connection is so well put in light! Steph is vulnerable, strong and impulsive. Her confidence is what raised Hunter’s interest.

I cannot say it was a perfect story. There are some dents in Hunter’s past and some contradictions in Steph’s background. Maybe the conflict is resolved a bit too easy. But this is one of those books that you simply don’t care. Because the journey you’ve been on is so great!

Favorite Quote

"So many conflicting aspects. A fucking kaleidoscope. Or maybe that’s what she wants me to see. Smoke and mirrors."

There are a lot of quotes close to my heart. This one shows how affected Hunter is by this woman and how much she intrigues him. She doesn’t make things easy for him, but our guy doesn’t give up. He’s addicted to her personality and her cause will become his.


After reading almost the entire series, I can tell you that a lot of the action from book one will make sense if you read the others. It’s amazing, Hunter is amazing, Steph is a great female lead character and the romance is absolutely divine. It’s a book you won’t be able to put down. If you like a little bit of mafia and if you’re willing to move past the fact that Hunter is not a prince on a white horse, this book is for you.

p.s. : have you seen the cover? I love the grey city in the background. Oh, you haven’t seen it? I wonder why.

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  • Hunter by Eden Summers

  • Release Date: February 6, 2018

  • ISBN: 9781925512250

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

Have you ever loved a bad guy/girl? Have you ever placed your feelings on someone so complex and complicated? I will come back to these kinds of relationships – gang or even mafia. We, the outsiders, judge them but... love is just the same. Sometimes we label it as “sick”. I mean... how can you love a killer or a thief? What’s your opinion? Can there be pure love on the dark side? Are there fairy-tales on the dark side? I don’t know.

Until next time, love a lot!


Anca Ilcu

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