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Tuesday Book Pick: The Duke's Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

...or how good communication can solve all our problems.

I have another #novella for you all today. I was in the mood for an audiobook that I could listen in one evening while doing some house chores. I thought, what could be better than a romance story? If you add a sprinkle of #VictorianEra, I am sold!

Book Description

Lady Jocelyn’s honor has been tainted and she demands compensation. She storms into the Duke of Clayton’s house, threatening to shoot, unless her #reputation is mended by the action of the duke’s brother. Little did she expect for the duke to accept, rather easily. Sebastian Thornton is in need of a wife. I guess Jocelyn would do, right?

My Thoughts

I love this book immensely. Listening to this #audiobook was the best way to spend 2.41 hours this weekend and I would listen to it again, at least to take away some lessons learned if not to savor the story one more time. The characters were great and the writing was appropriate for the era. Sebastian is the perfect picture of the duke who manages his estate perfectly well. He needs a wife just to provide an heir. Love is not something he looks for. His past left him scarred and with a heart broken in more ways than one. Jocelyn, in comparison with the other ladies of the ton, is like a refreshment. Her agile mind, her determination and #courage stir something deep in his lonely soul.

Jocelyn comes from a good family, but with a father that did not know how to care for his fortune. She now bears the weight of making sure her siblings have the childhood and seasons in society that she did not have. Her objective is to marry well, but not through deception. Her claim is valid and she provides evidence for that.

Both characters remain true to their beliefs. There is a multitude of elements that must align for Sebastian to break down his walls and the way these elements are combined is beautiful and with the perfect pace. I must admit that the side story involving one of his ex-lovers was a bit pushed, but I loved the story nonetheless.

Favorite Quote

“You infuriate me. I do not know if I should beat you, or strangle you or kiss you.”
“Do I have a say?”

In an era where mistreating women was not uncommon (not that today it’s different necessarily), this line is funny, in a strange way. Her witty comeback is refreshing. I liked these two together! They ignite. They light up like fireflies.


Yet another great short story. If you live the Victorian Era, if you like the English accent, dukes, ladies and gossips, enjoy! This is the perfect novella for you. I do hope you’ll enjoy it. I will for sure continue the series!

Goodreads link:

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  • The Duke's Shotgun Wedding by Stacy Reid

  • Release Date: June 2, 2017

  • ISBN: 9781536696196

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

I've mentioned in the beginning something about lessons learned. Well, this novella is a perfect illustration of how lack of communication can affect a relationship. At some point, our characters have a falling out. Only because one of them has the courage and willingness to face the elephant in the room is how their problem is fixed. How about you guys? Are you strong enough to open up after an argument? Or does your pride get the better of you? Hate me as much as you want, but love fades in time. Come on, be true to yourselves! The butterflies, the emotions that you have now will not last. We all change, it’s life. Respect and communication are vital for a successful relationship. Remember to talk your problems away, forever! Solve your issues and move past them. Talk, sweet talk each other.

Ok, need to call my partner now ... Talk to you in the next one. Until then, love a lot!


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