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Saturday Book Pick: It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

I keep increasing my book boyfriends...

I am in love! I have just cheated on all my book boyfriends. Oh, no, I’ve just added a new one because I am not ready to give up the others. Call me crazy, but I like my male characters and for a girl like me it is so hard to choose just one or two. For the record, I need at least three: one for my e-books, one for my paperbacks and one for my audiobooks. Ok, enough about my... heart condition, back to the book for this weekend.

Book Description

Piper Bellinger loves attention! She is all party girl, with a continuous social media presence and an increasing number of followers. This, until one night when a breakup causes too much partying and she ends up in jail. As a consequence, her step father (and owner of the fortune she enjoys so much) sends her to Westport, to stay for the summer in her late father’s bar and prove she is reliable and responsible, ready to face life as an adult. So, together with her sister, the two learn to manage with minimum financial support and discover the legacy their father left behind.

My Thoughts

My main thought right now is that Brendan is amazing, but I assume you’ll need more convincing if you are to pick this book up. Besides a charming book boyfriend, you’ll see an apparently shallow and spoiled rich girl give up her luxurious lifestyle and actually doing something with the cards she’s been dealt.

Slowly, Piper gets to know the people in town and understand how fishermen risk their lives at sea more often than she can count. Being the owner of their father’s bar and leaving it in ruins simply doesn’t feel right. The two city girls decide to reopen the place and dedicate their summer to redecorate and fix it up. This is a journey of discovery also, since both sisters get to do what they really like and what they are good at and at the same time, they come closer to their father’s memory. I loved this part a lot, how they put a little bit of their heart into it.

Piper brings her charm to Westport and to Brendan’s life. His wife past away seven years ago and since then he has tried his best to keep her memory alive. However, seeing Piper and seeing her trying to manage living in significantly less luxurious conditions and being sweet to everyone does something to his heart. Their relationship is so beautiful. He is a guy who doesn’t fool around, but he is also smart enough not to scare her away.

Favorite Quote

“I know they don't require a picture to keep your account active. This was about making you smile, not me," His gaze fell to her mouth, taking its time finding her eyes again. "Well worth it.”

This scene right here made my heart beat faster. He allowed others to make fun of his lack of Instagram knowledge, just to have a few more minutes with Piper and see her happy. The moment he said this, goose bumps appeared on my skin and I added his name on The List (of book boyfriends).


Suffice to say that I was charmed by Tessa Bailey’s writing, by the complex ways in which she addressed some apparently simple scenes and as well by the character development. There are mixed opinions out there, things that felt too much or information that may have been too little. But I can tell you with certainty that you will love this book. It has romance, it has small town life, a bar that has a lot of memories behind and let’s not forget the seamy scenes.

  • It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

  • Release Date: July 13, 2021

  • ISBN: 9780063045651

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

Would you leave behind your current life and start over someplace else? Piper leaves behind a life full of partying and fancy things to an apartment in a dusty bar. She rebuilds, she grows up and manages to build her self-confidence. I need a support system. If I were completely alone in a new city or village, it would scare me. If you were to completely change your living conditions, what would be a significant change for you? Let me know in the comments below and until next time love a lot!


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