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Tuesday Book Pick: The Hustler Next Door by K.A. Tucker

What does it take to recognize when you’re wrong?

I must admit that I did not love all the books I’ve read so far by K.A. Tucker. I read a lot of her stories, they are really good. But The Hustler Next Door is great! It was released this month, it was the first book I picked out in 2023 and I can say it was an awesome choice. So here I am, recommending it to you fellow Melons.

Book Description

Justine moves to Polson Falls to mend her broken heart and try to find a little bit of tranquility with her best friend and her bestie’s boyfriend. The peace and quiet seems to end when a new development company comes to town and rumors say they plan on remodeling buildings and thus destroying the history and putting small town business owners out of commission. If until this day Justine was satisfied with her day to day life, she makes it her mission to block the development process. To her disappointment, the hot new guy in town is leading these plans. Well, that’s too bad! Together with some of Polson Falls’ elders, she does all that she can to stop Garrett Harrington’s “malicious” intentions.

My Thoughts

The small town elements are everywhere in the story. From the group of elders (that seem to be a secret society, with powerful influence still, but fun and so adorable at the same time), to the rumour mill and long time family owned businesses, Polson Falls is the perfect community to leave in. I loved the atmosphere so so much. The banter between our main characters is as well very beautifully created. Their relationship is on two plains, if a I can say so. On one hand, there is the battle of pride and on the other there is the attraction.

When it comes to the town’s development, each one has its own ideas and none is willing to back off. It is not only their pride, but also the desire not to disappoint the people who put their trust in them. With strong feelings building between them and with Justine still struggling to cope with seeing her ex with another woman, there is only one outcome for our main characters and you’ll find it out by reading the book.

The story is action packed. There is absolutely no moment in which nothing happens. If we do not read about Garret’s plans or Justine’s actions to ruin said plans, we find out gossip from the retirement centre. Yes, the aged fellows have such an entertaining life. They form their own community inside Polson Falls. They have secret relationships, they have crushes and they make their lives entertaining. I loved as well how the young “taught” a little for their attention and how, overall, they are treated with respect. We all have to appreciate our elders (as crazy — in a good way — as they are , they have a bit of the maturity that we lack).

Favorite Quote

I creep up behind him, ignoring the itch to touch him again.
“When I hexed the fridge I sold you, I didn’t think it would work so fast.”
He spins around, his eyes bright and full of humor. “Justine. Good to see you.”
“I know.” I take a long sip of my tea.

This is just one example of the dialogue between our main characters. There are so many fun exchanges that make the book entertaining and a delight to read. I found myself caught up in their exchanges, savoring every line.


This book was fantastic. It was fun to read, it had all kinds of action and all kinds of events and I loved it from beginning to end. In almost 340 pages, there is no dull moment. I do encourage you to pick it up and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • The Hustler Next Door by K.A. Tucker

  • Release Date: December 28, 2022

  • ISBN: 9781990105326

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

Ok, the central element of Justine and Garret’s relationship is their pride. How do you settle this is your relationship? Is there always one that backs away from conflict, in hopes of sunshine and honey? I can give you two examples: one time, an aunt of mine threw the keys under the table, so that she wouldn’t agree with the husband who was insisting the keys were in her bag. Second: me and my significant other. We tend to avoid talking about sensitive subjects (insignificant or not) because none of us is willing to back off. So… we simply ignore the elephant in the room. So far, we’ve survived, but we have a lot of elephants.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

Until next time, love a lot!


Anca Ilcu

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I've been a book blogger since 2016. Books have helped me escape my stressful job, keep a positive mind and nurtured my soul. While I mostly read Romance, I also like the Young Adult and Fantasy genres. Every chapter deserves praise and every book should be appreciated.


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