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Saturday Book Pick: The Dating Game By Jenny Proctor

Blind dates, or maybe not...

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are not able to achieve much, or at least as much as you’d like? Well, that’s how I stumbled upon Jenny Proctor’s book. I was looking for a quick, light and funny book to read and finish during a 3 hours flight across the European Continent. Apple Books Store showed this pretty cover, with colors and funny looking people. Plus, it had 67 pages! Perfect! And oh, how much I’ve enjoyed it!

Book Description

Allie has had her fair share of bad luck when it comes to love. Being extremely dedicated to her work, she doesn’t leave much time for fun or building a relationship. Her sister challenges her to date outside her work environment or outside her #comfortzone. She needs to find 25 dates, where each man’s profession should start with each letter of the alphabet. A for attorney has been covered already, so one down, huh? With this #challenge in mind, she enlists the help of her good friend and neighbor, Eric. But what Allie doesn’t know is that Eric sees her as more than a friend, or a neighbor. So the dates he may find for her may not be the best out there.

My Thoughts

We have a classic dual perspective, we have two adorable dogs and a friends to lovers trope. This is a novella of less than 70 pages, depending on whether you’re reading a physical book or an e-book. Despite its short length, the action did not feel rushed at all and the characters’ development happened at the normal pace. The writing is easy, but not meaningless and there is a perfect balance between character description, setting and action.

I liked how Allie was willing to risk going into these blind dates and her dedication to the challenge accepted. However, the biggest risk of all is: is it worth giving up a best friend for a lover and his dogs?

Eric is a veterinarian. What are the odds of Allie not finding the right guy until the letter V? Well, he will have to make sure she won’t. Because Allie is perfect for him and he’s willing to show her how good they can be together. I love how the author created a normal guy, one that doesn’t look perfect every day. And I especially loved Daisy and Bo.

Favorite Quote

"I ran because kissing Eric felt like finding my forever. And that is utterly terrifying."

It’s that one kiss that melts your insights and makes the reader swoon. This line, as simple as it may be, speaks volumes about actually realizing that you may have met your forever. And yes, it can be quite #terrifying. All the questions arise from here: is our main character ready to commit? Because Eric is here to stay. Can she find the balance between her work and her relationship? Can she accept the dogs?


Suffice to say that The Dating Game by Jenny Proctor is a lovely quick read. If you are looking for a book to start and finish right away, you won’t be disappointed. This is book 0.5 from the series called ABCs of Love, which has at least 8 other books. I may give the others a try.

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  • The Dating Game by Jenny Proctor

  • Release Date: February 7, 2019

  • ISBN: 9798201843984

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

Would you read the story or have you read it? What’s your opinion about blind dates? Have you ever been on one? Me, I haven’t and I don’t think I would have the courage to go on a blind date. I’d make a thousand scenarios and end up cancelling on the poor fellow. Would you overcome your fear of dogs for your future lover? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s debate. Until next time, love without regrets!


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