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When You're Responsible For Taking The Turkey Out Of The Oven And You Drop It...

It's Moody Wednesday...

Thanksgiving, your favorite holiday. It's the one day of the year you get to eat all that you can eat and sit around watching TV, and then eat some more. To your significant other, #Thanksgiving is about family; but to you, it's always been more about the #turkey. It's not Thanksgiving if there's no turkey, you remember #nagging your partner to get one. So they did, a 19 lbs bird. You are particularly thankful for their #willingness to spend the extra work to get it washed, dressed, and baked right, but maybe even more so for the aroma that gently grazes your nasal hairs for the next few hours. You are all mitten-ready before the timer even sounds to have the turkey removed from the oven. The moment you reach inside the steam hole to take it out, the most unfortunate thing happens — you drop it. Yes, you drop the whole bird onto the dusty old kitchen floor that should have been vacuumed a week ago. As you attempt to pick up the thing, it keeps sliding and slipping out of your hands. Guess you've underestimated how heavy this thing is and how hot. To make matters worse, you also set the oven temperature too high and the timer off by one hour, so it's raw on the inside and burnt on the outside. You want to save it but it's not savable in the least. Okay, so turkey's out... bummer, you think to yourself, at least I didn't spend time prepping it. Yup, you didn't, but your loved one did, and a long time. From the corner of your eyes, you finally notice your significant other standing there, watching you, looking in #disbelief. You shoot them a smile with an oops! undertone, but in turn they walk away with their head shaking. After spending a few silent seconds to moan your loss, you know you need to do something to turn the tragic situation around. Then suddenly, you remember reading something on Moody Melon. If you've dropped the turkey on Thanksgiving Day, you aren't alone. Going along with their #suggestion, you proceed to take out a pack of ground meat from the fridge and use it to mash together something special over the counter. And then, you go and present it to your partner. "Hey love, don't worry about that turkey, I've got a backup," you say to them. "You have another turkey stored somewhere?" they ask. Therefore, you show them what you've made — a pasty piece of meat in the shape of a turkey made from raw ground chicken which you call a "churkey". Seeing the ridiculousness, your partner burst into laughter. You know you've lost your favorite food of the day but luckily you got your partner back, thanks to Moody Melon. Even though it's likely you will end up eating only vegan stuffing and chunky mashed potatoes, you are thankful. You realize something important in the brief moment you hug and make up: next year you'll just order turkey pre-cooked.

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Julie Y. Barris

Founder | Chief Editor | Advice Guru of Moody Melon Magazine

I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, and a graphic designer with a unique vision to contribute to the world one idea at a time. Besides creating and inventing things, I’m also fascinated by the human mind. I enjoy helping others help themselves by giving them advice on family and relationship matters.


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