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How To Become Successful In Finding A Life-Long Partner Through Blind Dating

7 blind dating hacks to finally say good-bye to being single.

While some people believe the best way to meet their dream partner is through everyday random encounters, others swear by #blinddating. I mean hey, even Harry found Meghan through going on a blind date. So this magical rendezvous has been proven to work, but how do you make sure it works for you? #Chemistry can't be forced obviously; increasing your chances to successfully match with the #rightperson, however, is something we can manage.

Hack #1 - Have your friends introduce

Even if your friends are all married and taken, through a friend of a friend, you may still be able to strike gold. And because the initial setup is by someone you know, in a sense it may already make you feel less nerve-wracking meeting your blind date. Plus after the meeting is done, you may follow up with your friends to get an honest opinion of what #firstimpression your date has of you. Being in the know will help you plan your second date if you are lucky enough to go out again.

Hack #2 - Try speed dating

If you have no friends to help you out, you can always try speed dating. This is generally considered a #scaryexperience for the introverts, but once you get over the whole idea of it, you'll realize it's actually not that bad. Plus, meeting a lot of different kinds of people helps you set your goal and understand what you, yourself, are truly looking for in a life-long partner. By keeping your options open, you greatly improve your success rate in finding the one. Also, there is no denying that #practice makes perfect. Speed dating provides just the environment you need to improve/brush up your rusty dating skill.

Hack #3 - Be yourself

Once you get a blind date invite, your brain may naturally come up with different scenarios to make this the "it" date. You start to worry about how to behave in front of this person that may turn out to be your future significant other. Soon, you begin to #shapeyourself into someone you want others to see instead of who you actually are. I'm not saying to go right out and tell them all your little bad habits and flaws, but rather, to put your best foot forward to impress them with your innate qualities and let them learn the not-so-great ones later. Plus, you are dating to find a partner for life (at least I hope you are!). It's always good to be honest up front than to surprise your date in a bad way.

Hack #4 - Know your unique qualities

Blind dating is like a marketing pitch in a way. You need to know what's good about yourself in order to make an effective pitch. So first things first, you need to find your own uniqueness. That is: what about you is generally considered a #goodquality to have? Are you perhaps always #ontime? Or maybe you are the kind of person that rises to the occasion. No matter what it is, you need to figure it out. If you need a second opinion, ask a close/childhood friend (or just anyone who knows you well). They would be able to tell you a few things good about you (after all that's why you are still friends). Of course, just knowing your good qualities isn't going to be enough if you can't demonstrate them. Keep in mind that if you are not #confident in your delivery, your date won't buy it either.

Hack #5 - Lower your expectations

I know we all want someone with a perfect personality, a great body and good looking, but before we put all of these ridiculously high expectations on finding the one, you might end up with no one. The thing is, while you expect of others, others also expect a certain way of you. So if you've been in the sea for a while, you might want to lower your expectations and actually #digdeep to see what you are offering first. People do end up being with someone at their level. For example, if you are chasing someone out of your league in the looks department, chances are you will need to #compensate in other areas that are of similar/equal value to that person.

Hack #6 - See your date positively

As humans, we are used to judging others based on our first impression of them. Sometimes you might feel like you got a person all figured out just by a first glance, or by a few sentences into your conversation, but that isn't always — in fact it might be far from — the truth. People tend to be #guarded and don't like to put everything out there right away. There is a certain beautiful, emotional #vulnerability underneath you can't see on the surface of a person. Especially if someone is sensitive, it's often hard to detect that from a first encounter. So DO always give your date the benefit of the doubt. Let them make a mistake or two. Let them say the wrong thing every so often. In the end, you never know when you do give people chances, they might surprise you in a good way on a #seconddate.

"Are you perhaps always on time? Or maybe you are the kind of person that rises to the occasion."

Hack #7 - Be nice even if you are not interested

It's a small world after all. Especially if you are into speed dating, you might actually run into some of the people you've briefly "dated" in another social event, you might even share a few mutual friends (I kid you not). So by being nice no matter what, you uphold your reputation. Who knows if your special someone is just right around the corner listening to your conversations. Your natural #niceness might just shine through and charm them.

Final thoughts

Blind dating may be a #foreignconcept to you now, but there's no denying its potential to finding a life-long partner that is well-worth all your nerves and worries.


Julie Y. Barris

Founder | Chief Editor | Advice Guru of Moody Melon Magazine

I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, and a graphic designer with a unique vision to contribute to the world one idea at a time. Besides creating and inventing things, I’m also fascinated by the human mind. I enjoy helping others help themselves by giving them advice on family and relationship matters.


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