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Tuesday Book Pick: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

...for the emotionally damaged.

There are books that scare me. Some fantasy books scare me, as I think the 500+ pages will bore me to death or I may not grasp the idea of so many kingdoms. I end up devouring them. Nonfiction books scare me, as the topic may not interest me, so why bother? I end up picking just the right nonfiction book and I do find its usefulness. Colleen Hoover scares me, as I know her books will tear my heart into pieces. I stocked on tissues and comfort food and started finally reading It Ends With Us. I had no idea about the topic, I had no idea about the blurb. I’ve been avoiding them for years, but somehow now the time felt right.

Book Description

Lily’s childhood has not been the best. Living in a family where abuse started to become a routine, she found comfort in her neighbor and best friend Atlas. He knew about her father abusing her mother, she knew about his social situation. Life had other plans and they get separated. Lily finds herself in Boston, meeting Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon for whom his carrier is the most important thing in life. Their relationship is founded on always speaking the truth to each other. But Ryle has his own demons that will enslave Lily and her heart. With her past tormenting her, she finds herself in an unfortunate situation: struggle to save her marriage, or her soul and mind.

My Thoughts

It is a roller-coaster of emotions. More than a romance, this is the story of a woman that finds herself in the same situation as her mother. For those of you who have not read or heard about this book (why?), it deals with abuse and there is even a rape scene. Please keep this in mind and consider this as trigger warnings. If you manage to move past these, you will discover an introspection into the mind of an abused woman and how she comes to understand why her mother was not able to leave her father and as well why she is not able to leave her husband.

Lily is strong and independent. She understands that, if her new flower shop is to succeed, she must come up with something different and she does just that. She comes up with an idea and believes in it and believes in herself that she can do it. Life is perfect, with her business flourishing (pun intended) and her relationship with Ryle heading in the good direction. Until it all crumbles.

With books dealing with such a difficult topic, there is a fine line between real drama and exaggeration. The author managed this line perfectly. There are no unnecessary theatricals or characters on the verge of irony or bad taste. Lily has a solid support system, which she will have to learn to trust. There is a lot to learn. Her past is told in journal pages, with our lead character returning to her teenage years to remember her first love. It was a refreshing way to tell a story. I could feel the change in tone, reading from a 15 year old perspective compared to a grown woman.

Favorite Quote

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. There are so many lines that had an impact. This one, for example:

"Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you can simply stop loving them. It’s not a person’s actions that hurt the most. It’s the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear."

I 100% agree with this statement. We hurt twice as bad when the inflictor is our loved one. There is a high degree of physical pain that our bodies can endure. Emotional pain is easier to conceal, but a thousand times harder to recognize its existence and deal with it.


If you haven’t read the story, I won’t tell you more. I do invite you in the comments below to discuss the events and Lily’s actions. Before you judge, take a step back and put yourself in her position. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Be prepared for long hours of reading and remember to buy tissues. I loved it so so much, as I was expecting to.

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  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

  • Release Date: August 2, 2016

  • ISBN: 9781501110368

  • Language: English

Let's Chat

This week is special. Some of us are preparing for Christmas, others are celebrating Hanukkah. We should all be celebrating, opening our hearts to the warmth of our loved ones. I won’t ask you to write your sad story, but I invite to leave a good thought below. We are all beautiful in our own way, smart in our own way, silly in our own way. We are all lovely, lovely people. We do not deserve being mistreated BY ANYONE. Find your strength and remember that you are not alone.

Until next time, love a lot... yourselves and others.


Anca Ilcu

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I've been a book blogger since 2016. Books have helped me escape my stressful job, keep a positive mind and nurtured my soul. While I mostly read Romance, I also like the Young Adult and Fantasy genres. Every chapter deserves praise and every book should be appreciated.


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