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Does He Like Me? Does He Not?

Boy, boy, boy boy boy...


Okay. So I’m new to this school and there’s this really cute guy that I feel we would make an awesome couple if he would just give me a chance. But, every time I try to talk to him he’ll act uninterested and I don’t know what to do. I think he knows I like him but it’s weird because he’s social around other girls but not me. My friends think he likes me but I know he doesn't.

— JessicaRabbit


Dear JessicaRabbit,

Aren't having crushes #sweet? It makes you feel all jelly inside whenever that person talks to you and you can't stop thinking about him 24/7. But it can also be a pain in the ass when it's unclear whether this special #fondness is mutual. Wouldn't it be great if the person you like happens to like you back and makes a move when you want him to? Problem solved, wouldn't it be? Too bad reality doesn't always go according to our wishes.

What You Can Do

Some guys are shy guys. Like your friends have been telling you — he probably does like you. In fact, he might like you more than you think he does and that's why he's been behaving strangely around you. His acting #uninterested might just be a coverup he put on so as to not lose his "cool" in front of you. Certainly, I have never met this boy so I can't say that for sure, neither can your friends. The only person who can tell you for certain his feelings is the boy himself, which he likely wouldn't do if you've already gotten his brain all #musty just seeing you!

Plan a hang out. So if he won't tell you upfront how he really feels in the presence of all your classmates, he might be more comfortable to do so with a change of location where he doesn't feel all eyes are on him. Not sure if you share a mutual friend or two, but they might be able to #invite him to a mini hang out (at a mall or something) so that you will be able to spend time around each other outside of school. Make well sure your friends tell him in advance that you will be there and see what kind of #reaction he gives. If he likes you likes you, he will very likely say yes. He might even take a first step to get to know you when he's in a more #cozy environment.

"Remember, the worst that can happen is his saying no."

Tell him how you feel. If you are a brave girl with extra thick skin, you will just go up to him tomorrow, tell him you think he's #cute and ask if he wants to hang out sometimes. Certainly, that will take guts to do. So, alternately, you can ask a friend you can trust to tell him for you. Remember, the worst that can happen is his saying no. But then you can move on with your life or better yet, move ahead with the relationship if he's willing to start one with you.

There really isn't much else you can do. Bear in mind that if he really wants you to be his girlfriend, he knows he will have to make a move one of these days. #Love is lovely but it also is keen to test your patience. Because it takes two to have a relationship, I'm afraid your best bet is still waiting. When he's ready, he will do something on his part. Until then, just keep you eyes open. The best romances are usually derived from #spontaneous encounters. If he's your first crush now, it's likely he won't be your last.

#Younglove is fresh, sweet and #dramatic. It makes you do crazy things and is sometimes very taxing. Still, it's best to keep things that much more interesting though, don't you think? So I'll say — stop worrying so much! Enjoy the #drama while it lasts!

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Julie Y. Barris

Founder | Chief Editor | Advice Guru of Moody Melon Magazine

I am an author, artist, entrepreneur, and a graphic designer with a unique vision to contribute to the world one idea at a time. Besides creating and inventing things, I’m also fascinated by the human mind. I enjoy helping others help themselves by giving them advice on family and relationship matters.


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